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Welcome to
The Modern Gut Clinic

Where gut health and mental health are driven by trauma-informed care.

The Modern Gut Clinic Approach to

Mental Health through Gut Health

Symptom Management

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Your comfort is my top priority. We may use therapeutic elimination diets (TEDs), targeted supplementation, and enhanced nutrient support to help manage your most bothersome symptoms.

Support Digestive Function

Let's work on optimizing your digestive capacity so you are properly breaking down, absorbing, and utilizing your nutrients.

Encourage and Maintain Microbial Diversity

A diverse microbiome is a happy one. Period. Diversity is Queen, we will use food and supplement support to help your bugs thrive!

Inflammation Reduction

Several inflammatory markers have been shown to be higher in patients with persistent gut health problems. By bringing in antioxidant support through dietary choices, we can work to manage inflammation.

Learn Stress Management Tools

Gut health impacts brain health. The reverse is also true! Choose from several stress management tools that fit best with your lifestyle and preferences!

Experience Health Vitality

When we are feeling good, we can do good things. Positive health vitality means being able to learn, grow, and thrive! Graduate from the sSMILE program and share your light with your community.


Just like you, I am a work in progress.

I am constantly learning and growing and checking my own biases and privileges as it relates to how I show up for my patients and my practice through continued education programs and reading research.

Kind words from patients...

Happy Couple

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Bri as my Functional Nutrition practitioner, and I can't express enough how transformative this experience has been for my health and overall well-being. I sought out Functional Nutrition services primarily due to a desire for a more holistic approach to my well-being. I had been struggling with gut imbalances, and I knew that conventional medicine wasn't providing me with the answers I needed. Bri took the time to thoroughly assess my health history, dietary preferences, and lifestyle. She created a personalized nutrition program that was perfectly tailored to my needs and preferences. Her attention to detail and commitment to individualization were truly remarkable. What I loved most is that she is a "food-first" practitioner, not so fast to recommend a supplement over food. I've learned how to make healthier food choices that align with my body's needs, which has positively influenced my daily routines and meal planning.


The Modern Nutrition Column

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You might sign up if you desire connection and community while learning about how to heal from gut health, mental health, or trauma.

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