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Jan 14, 2024 - Jan 30, 2024

Gut Happy! 🍎🥕

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Increasing variety in your diet is one of the most important things you can do to improve overall health. But, it is so hard to know what to eat and how to prepare it to preserve the most nutrients. The majority of patients who come to see me say that one of the biggest obstacles to their health goals is not understanding what to eat. They are confused about what to eat. They are confused about diet. They are confused about nutrition advice. What works for ME? This is what the Gut Happy 🍎🥕 program is all about! Through this program, you will understand what works for you and your body, what feels good to you and your body, and gain the confidence of working with several different foods.

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Gut Happy! 🍎🥕

Gut Happy! 🍎🥕

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